January 2020 Book Review Drive: Craft, Cost & Call

Every month or so, we pick a title to encourage our members to write a reviews for and to talk about here in the community.
Reviews are very helpful for new writers to get more sales on a number of different platforms, and we want to support our fellow writers. This month we are looking at Craft, Cost & Call by Patricia Paddey and Karen Stillerr, a book that guides you on the journey of writing your own book.

Patricia Paddey and Karen Stiller
are professional writers and editors of award-winning books and articles. Their work has appeared in magazines and journals across North America. For further information, visit their website, www.craftcostcall.com

Craft, Cost & Call: How to Build a Life as a Christian Writer
Description: Inspiring and immensely readable, Craft, Cost & Call offers hands-on help to people of faith who want to write well and understand what it takes to be published. For writers yearning to grown in their craft or hoping to launch a writing career, this unique guidebook provides a clear path forward filled with hard-won wisdom of long-time and widely published Christian writers.

Review locations: amazon, and goodreads.

Thank you for any thoughts posted here and reviews shared on other platforms!

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